OfflineTV members worry after Valkyrae and LilyPichu get lost in Japan

The members of OfflineTV had a comedic exchange live in Japan after discovering that Rachell “Valkyrae” and Lily “LilyPichu” were absent from the group.

The OTV members went on a trip to Japan after announcing their plans last month. Members who have traveled include William “Scarra”, Jeremy “Disguised Toast”, LilyPichu and many more.

An hour and forty-two minutes into the video, the group discovered that in addition to Lily, Rachell was missing. Brodin Plett, the producer of OTV, commented:

“Where did Rae go?”

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OfflineTV Members Joke About If They Can Replace Lost Members

On the third day of their visit to Japan, the members of OfflineTV took to the streets to shop and tour cafes. Members’ activities were recorded live on Yvonne’s Twitch channel.

However, a little over an hour and a half into the stream, the members realized that the group missed LilyPichu. Moments later, Valkyrae also seemed absent.

An hour and forty-one minutes into the video, Brodin Plett noticed that Lily was missing from the group, and he made a comedic remark about her recent decision to move to YouTube:

“I’m so sorry to chat, first you lost her on YouTube, now we lost her in Japan… Sorry (I) shouldn’t joke about it… We’ll find her, we’ll let’s find her.”

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Moments later, he realized that Valkyrae had also disappeared from the group a few minutes after seeing her. Despite the confusion, Disguised Toast casually responded, saying:

“Do you want to go eat?

To which Brodin replied:

“Let’s find the missing person first.”

Jeremy, who is known for his laid-back attitude, nonchalantly replied, “No.”

Laughing, Brodin responded by adding:

“Scarra said the same… He said ‘we can do another’…”

(Time stamp: 1:41:16)

A few minutes later, LilyPichu joined the group. Brodin greeted her saying:

” Where did you go ? We were so worried… we were very worried about you.

Lily responded by revealing that:

“What? I was shopping.”

It wasn’t until several minutes later that Valkyrae was also able to reunite with the rest of the troops. Upon her return, she revealed how she had been distracted by all the shops and vendors on the street, which separated her from the group.

Fans share their thoughts on the whole debacle

OfflineTV fans have shared their opinions regarding the comedy clip. Some viewers even commented on their thoughts on how not to lose Valkyrae in the future given her small size.

Here are some of the comments that were made in the clip shared on YouTube:

Fans react to the loss of Valkyrae in Japan (Image via Shrimp Funny YouTube)
Fans react to the loss of Valkyrae in Japan (Image via Shrimp Funny YouTube)

The OfflineTV Twitter page has already announced a detailed and fun itinerary for their entire 11-day stay in Japan, including activities such as IRL games, kimono tea ceremony, and sake tasting.

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