Yomawari 3 announced for Switch and PS4, release date in April in Japan

Nippon Ichi Software’s countdown teaser ended up being nothing related to time travel but an announcement of Yomawari 3 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (PS4). The third entry in the isometric survival horror game also had a Japanese release date of April 21, 2021.

So far, we don’t have any new details on the game, but the teaser website has been updated with information on its development and release. The website shows a girl with green hair holding a camera in the middle of the night. If you have played any of the above Yomawari games, then you might already have an idea of ​​what’s hiding in the nearby shadows.

The director of Yomawari 3 is Munenori Hirose, who previously worked as director of Auntie Bokumetsu. Character designer Yu Mizokami returns for third entry after directing Yomawari: the night alone and Yomawari: Midnight Shadows.

Discover a Yomawari 3 trailer for Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions below:

Yomawari 3 has an April 21 release date in Japan for the Switch and PS4. It will cost 6,980 yen (~ $ 61.40) plus tax for physical and digital editions. A western location announcement shouldn’t be far off, given that the previous game took two months after its Japanese release.