when to expect peak koyo season

Summer is coming to an end and we now have our first predictions for this year’s fall leaves. Nature lovers will wake up this time of year, with the promise of cool, crisp air on the horizon, making for the ultimate outdoor hiking and scenic camping in the wilds of Japan. . In fact, even those who hate the outdoors are likely to get some pep in their step in the months ahead. With vibrant, colorful foliage that transforms mountain ranges and cityscapes, fall has a knack for making everything look better.

Temperatures and weather changes can be unpredictable, but this forecast for Terrestrial communication provider is our first clue as to when we might expect peak fall foliage. There are two sets of predictions: one for red momiji (maple leaves) and another for yellow ginkgo leaves.

Photo: ground communications provider

red momiji

Northern regions of Japan will be the first to see autumn leaves, with Sapporo expected to bloom around November 6. From this September 1 forecast, we expect to see momiji at its best and brightest around November 29 in Tokyo, while the leaves in Osaka will peak closer to December 3.

Fall leaf prediction
Photo: ground communications provider

yellow ginkgo

The timing of ginkgo leaves differs slightly from momiji season, with Tokyo expected to peak around November 26. Osaka ginkgo leaves will peak a few days earlier on November 24. North of Sapporo, the ginkgo leaves will bloom around the same time as the momiji on November 5.

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