When the fries fell: the rations of fries at McDonald’s in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, December 22 – A new kind of potato chip shortage has hit Japanese supply chains, with McDonald’s forced to ration French fries in the country as Covid-19 and flooding in Canada cut potato imports.

McDonald’s Japan has said it will only sell small-sized fries for a week from Friday to avoid shortages.

“Due to large-scale flooding near the Port of Vancouver (…) and the tightening of the global supply chain caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there are delays in the supply of potatoes,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

The company said it has taken steps to ensure that customers can still order French fries, even if “stable supply of raw materials” proves difficult.

The restriction comes during the busy year-end period, with schools and offices starting to close for the holidays.

It will also be in place on Christmas Day – typically celebrated in Japan with a hearty serving from another American fast food giant, Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is heavily marketed during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, a global chip shortage fueled by a pandemic continues to plague auto giants, including Japan’s Toyota, which has announced production cuts due to the crisis and supply chain issues. in Southeast Asia.