Tesla Vision expanded to Australia, New Zealand and Japan

Australia, New Zealand and Japan can now use Tesla Vision, a camera-based and neural network-based Autopilot feature that helps drivers drive safely when the feature is activated.

Tesla recently expanded Tesla Vision, its camera-based autopilot, to Australia and New Zealand, Teslarati reported. In May 2021, Tesla began shipping its Model 3 and Model Y equipped with Tesla Vision, and now Tesla owners in both countries will be able to use Tesla Vision and its active safety measures in place of the previous system using radar.

Tesmanian reported that Tesla has also extended its Tesla Vision security feature to Japan. Tesla Vision relies solely on cameras and neural network processing. According TesmanianAutosteer will be limited to a top speed of 140 km/h, or 87 mph.

While some features are temporarily limited or inactive for Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, they will be fully restored over time through multiple live updates. During Tesla’s first quarter 2021 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk noted that Tesla Vision would perform better than human vision because it has eight cameras — almost like you have eyes back and forth. the sides of the head.

This would make vehicles equipped with Tesla’s pure vision solution considerably safer than the average person. Unlike people, Tesla Vision doesn’t text, drive, get drunk, or do other things like fall asleep.

Tesla originally announced this in a shared post on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit.

“We are continuing to transition to Tesla Vision, our camera-based autopilot system. Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built from June 2022 for the Australian market now use our camera-based Tesla Vision, which leverages Tesla’s advanced camera suite and neural network processing to provide Autopilot and related features.

It’s good to see Tesla expanding its Vision suite into new markets. Not only will Tesla get much-needed feedback, but it will help improve road safety in those markets.




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