Tesla begins delivering the Model Y to Japan

Tesla has started delivering Model Ys to customers in Japan, Tesla Japan announced on Twitter. In June, Tesla opened ordering Model Ys for Australia and Japan. In Japan, the Y RWD model starts at ¥6,190,000 ($46,156.97) and the Y Dual Motor AWD Performance model costs ¥8,090,000 ($60,324.70). Tesla estimated the delivery date to be August to September.

On Reddit, u/willmistrot shared more photos of Tesla employees preparing for customers to take delivery of their Model Y. The Reddit user added that he has a total of 13 Model Ys in the works. preparing for delivery to the Tesla Service Center in Toyonaka, Japan.

TeslaNorth noted that Tesla’s first delivery center in Japan opened in Ariake in November 2021. There, only the Model 3 was available in the country. Earlier this year, the Japan time reported that new registrations of imported electric vehicles in Japan more than doubled in 2021, adding that the Japanese market has been quite difficult for Tesla.

The lack of charging infrastructure, parking spaces and subsidies in Japan have been highlighted as the main reasons for the country’s reluctance to adopt electric vehicles. However, Tesla’s price cuts for the Model 3 last year helped boost demand.

Daniel Read, climate and energy campaign manager at Greenpeace Japan, pointed out that an additional reason for Japan’s slow adoption of electric vehicles is because automakers are not promoting the vehicles. electric as a viable option for the public.

“Contrary to the advertising of electric vehicles in the EU, China and the United States, there is very little promotion of electric vehicles in Japan,” he said. Energy Tracker Asia in May.

Tesla’s presence in Japan not only focuses on electric vehicles, but also includes energy. Last month, Tesla Japan shared a blog post about its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in Miyakojima.

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Tesla begins delivering the Model Y to Japan