Suicoke & Mastermind Japan Drop SS22 Sandal, clothing collaboration

When Suicoke and Mastermind come together, the results are usually all black and riddled with skulls, crossbones, etc., hallmarks of the latter label.

There have been a few particularly cool KAW-branded sandals and espadrilles in the past, but Spring/Summer 2022 brings the collaborators together for a collection that goes back to their shared roots.

Co-branded skull slides? You know. But it’s not just your average Suicoke slide: it’s a custom silhouette called TAMOTT, which replaces adjustable straps with a plush Velcro upper.

Suicoke is also going a step further by bringing in occasional collaborator Roopa Knitting Mills to create a selection of co-branded outerwear items, including hoodies, t-shirts, pants and shorts made entirely in Roopa’s Canadian facilities. .

The end product is quiet luxury, which is both and is not the typical work of Mastermind. You see, Mastermind most often offers expensive products that only cost a lot because they feature the Mastermind brand, a trick that has kept Mastermind in business since its inception in the late 90s.

Granted, they were one of the first to do luxury “streetwear”, beating today’s luxury brands to the punch. But Mastermind is nowhere near as internationally recognized as the Off-White™ and Gallery departments of the world, although it maintains a fiery base of support in Asia.

Released July 26 on Suicoke’s website, Mastermind’s latest collab with the Japanese cobbler isn’t so much an attempt to capitalize on the latter’s popularity, as it’s just another premium team.

The secret to Mastermind’s continued success is its constant collaborations, much like Suicoke. Over the past few months, Mastermind has cobbled together bespoke Crocs and fashion-forward loungewear with Joe Chia, while Suicoke has done the same with Missoni, Carhartt WIP, Lanvin and another longtime Japanese brand NEIGHBORHOOD. which entered into its own partnership with Mastermind.

When streetwear brands hold their own long enough, the circle is complete.