Official Elden Ring Art Books Are Coming to Japan

Two special 400-page Elden Ring art books are due out later this year in Japan, each focusing on different aspects of the game.

Ring of Elden fans in Japan will soon be able to get their hands on two special art books for the game. world. Ring of Elden universe. Now, players based in Japan will also be able to purchase official artwork, and the book should be available in other regions soon.

When Ring of Elden released earlier this year, it completely and permanently changed the gaming landscape. The title is the latest release from FromSoftware, the company behind games like transmitted by blood and the dark souls series, and takes a new open-world take on the company’s usual formula that millions of players have found captivating. Ring of Elden was praised for its stunning graphics, unique monster designs, and detailed environments throughout its Lands Between setting. The game was also praised by players – and criticized by many other developers – for the way Ring of Elden withstood the conventions of open-world gameplay, and the title became the developer’s best-selling game to date.


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A new special collection of two Ring of Elden art books are now available for pre-order on Japanese Famitsu website (via Gamer on PC). Each of the two 400-page books will focus on different aspects of the game, with the first focusing on locations, NPCs, and armor, and the second volume dealing with items, weapons, and enemies. Players can choose to purchase the volumes separately or purchase the Ultra Edition which includes both books, along with a framed picture of Elden Lord Godfrey. Each book will cost $31 each, or $125 for the Ultra edition. The books will be released on November 30 in Japan, and while it has yet to be announced if or when the art books will arrive in other regions, players can assume it will only be a matter of time. .

Elden Ring art books are the perfect collector’s item for any fan

Although there are always new Ring of Elden secrets to uncover, players who have voraciously consumed the game since launch may find they are running out of things to do. Players can always create a new character to try out the game with a new strategy, but for players deeply invested in learning the story of the game, these books can probably provide a lot more information than just one game. This is especially true due to the potential for interviews with director Hidetaka Miyazaki, or even George RR Martin, who helped develop the game’s lore.

These Ring of Elden The art books are undoubtedly expensive, but at over 400 pages each, it’s hard to say that gamers won’t get their money’s worth in terms of content. Players have many years ahead of them before a sequel is released. Ring of Elden is even somewhat plausible, and it may become difficult in the meantime for gamers to find new ways to enjoy the game. While art books aren’t for everyone, these upcoming Ring of Elden the art volumes are sure to please many fans.

Source: Famitsu (via PC Gamer)