New UK Prime Minister Truss pledges to ‘weather the storm’

The new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, says she wants to turn the page after a series of scandals under her predecessor, Boris Johnson.

Truss gave his first speech as leader at 10 Downing Street on Tuesday. She promised to protect Britons with a “bold plan” to grow the economy.

She said the British people should not be intimidated by the challenges they face. She said they would “live through the storm”.

Truss takes over at a time of slowing economic growth and rising interest rates, with inflation in the double digits. She said she would start by cutting taxes “to reward hard work.”

She pledged to reduce energy costs which have soared to levels she called “unacceptable”.

She added that she wanted to improve the national health service.

Truss blamed the pandemic and what she called the “dreadful war in Ukraine” for causing “strong global headwinds”. She promised that the British people would stand with their allies because they cannot have security at home without having security abroad.

US President Joe Biden called Truss to congratulate her. The two leaders agreed to build on their countries’ “special relationship” and their defense alliance through NATO and the AUKUS security partnership.