Never heard of biting dolphins… Well, Japan has one

Well, it may surprise! A dolphin in Japan’s Fukui region has left bathers stunned and swept away from the beach. Authorities say a disgruntled dolphin bit swimmers and more than 10 such incidents have been reported so far! Authorities have now urged visitors to ‘look away’ and ‘stay away’ from the beach. Waterfront attendants have also set up a device that emits ultrasonic frequencies to repel the biting creature.

To raise awareness, authorities also put up a warning sign, asking people not to touch the dolphin. The beach was officially opened for the summer on July 9. According to local media, incidents involving dolphin bites have been recorded by beachgoers since it opened.

Fukui firefighters also recorded two incidents involving men in their 40s. Although the injuries were minor, local authorities warned of “potentially serious injuries”.

Fukui Prefectural Police took to Twitter and tweeted,

“Dolphins tend to be considered cute, but if you approach wild dolphins recklessly, you could get bitten and injured. If you see one, don’t approach it.

An official from the tourism promotion department said: “We understand that there are certain parts of the body where dolphins do not like to be touched, such as the tip of its nose and its rear fin.”

He also said videos posted on Twitter showed swimmers trying to touch the dolphin in those areas and encouraged visitors to watch the dolphin from a distance and not approach it.

According to local people, the series of attacks is the work of a single dolphin. The dolphin was first spotted close to shore at another beach in April, Masaki Yasui.