“M. Günter, The Cat Show” exhibition by Javier Calleja in Tokyo, Japan – StreetArtNews

After passing through Almine Rech Paris with “This Is Your Lucky Day” and his recent collaboration with Hypebeans, the prestigious coffee shops of Hong Kong and Seoul, Javier Calleja arrives on June 25 in Tokyo to inaugurate a new personal exhibition curated by Nanzuka , “M. Günter, The Cat Show”.

Conceived as an installation, the exhibition presents the cat of Günter Gambita, Javier Calleja and Alicia Gutiérrez. With a mischievous gaze, Günter “travels” freely through the Parco Museum to make himself present in every corner of his owner’s exhibition. At the same time, it seems to become the perfect “host” to make way for a selection of works including new sketches, paintings and a large wooden sculpture, never exhibited in Japan.

In addition, to welcome visitors, a large sculpture of the feline has been installed in the street that gives access to the Parco museum. “I am thrilled to introduce this important member of our family to Japan,” the artist said of this presentation. Javier Calleja’s work is characterized by his ability to imprint surprise and touches on humor in the day-to-day aspects of our daily lives. A recognized admirer of the master of surrealism René Magritte, as well as artists such as Yoshitomo Nara or Chris Johanson, Calleja was able to masterfully incorporate his techniques into contemporary portraiture until finding his own mark through his large-eyed characters.

The interplay he establishes between colors or scales and the expressions of his characters or the texts that accompany the works, is one of the most distinct qualities of Calleja’s practice. It is this ability to face difficulties through insightful creativity as well as his premise to face every vital aspect with positivity, which fuels the contagious fascination and empathy generated by his work.

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