Kishida and Biden will hold a summit on Monday

The leaders of Japan and the United States are expected to affirm their countries’ close cooperation in the face of a serious international situation when they meet in Tokyo on Monday.

US President Joe Biden is due to arrive in Japan on Sunday for his first visit to the country since taking office.

Biden is due to meet Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio the next day. He will also attend a summit of Quad nations from Japan, the United States, Australia and India on Tuesday.

Kishida told reporters on Saturday that he wanted to have candid in-person discussions with Biden. He mentioned security, regional situations including Ukraine, economy and common global challenges such as climate change and nuclear disarmament.

Kishida and Biden are expected to reaffirm their policy of continuing to impose heavy sanctions on Russia and providing support for Ukraine, as well as calling on Asian and African nations to cooperate.

The two leaders are also expected to share the view that any unilateral attempt to change the status quo by force is unacceptable anywhere in the world, given China’s growing activities in the East China Sea and its growing economic coercion. Leaders will likely argue that both countries will strengthen their deterrence and response capabilities.

Kishida and Biden are expected to confirm that their countries will work closely with South Korea to respond to North Korea, which is stepping up its nuclear and missile programs. The two will also likely discuss further provocations from the North in light of the latest situation.

Biden is expected to announce the start of talks for the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, or IPEF, while in Japan. Kishida makes arrangements to express Japan’s willingness to join.