Kim Jong Un urges party members to rebuild economy

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has urged officials of the country’s ruling party to make maximum efforts to rebuild its devastated economy.

North Korean state media reported that a second conference of primary committee secretaries of the Workers’ Party of Korea began on Saturday.

He said Kim Jong Un gave a keynote speech emphasizing the importance of party secretaries. Kim said: “The main secret of our party’s ability to overcome unprecedented challenges and hardships and lead the revolution firmly and correctly in recent years can be attributed to the fact that the secretaries of the primary committees have discharged their duties.”

He also says that Kim cited the “serious deviations from not meeting the demands of the developing reality.”

Kim reportedly stressed “the need to share experience gained in improving work” and learn from mistakes.

Kim apparently asked officials to overcome economic difficulties resulting from international sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic.

The conference would continue on Sunday.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that Kim was calling the meeting with the apparent aim of stamping out wrongdoing and corruption within the party.