Japan’s one-person instant ramen pot may be the one and only kitchen gadget we need

Clever invention is designed for both cooking and eating, but not for sharing.

We don’t know why the Japanese gadget company Thank you was called that. What we do know is that we’ve been repeatedly thanked for their inventions, most of which we didn’t realize how desperately we needed them until Thanko created them, like their rice cooker combination. /bento box and portable kotatsu.

This gratitude swells again today, and because of a connection to something that always makes us emotional: ramen.

You might wonder why Thanko is new My pot of ramen, or “Ore no Ramen Nabe”, as it is called in Japanese, is square. The reason is that it is designed to be used with instant ramen. No, not the kind called “cup ramen” that comes in a disposable container, but dried ramen noodles sold in blocks, which, thanks to the shape of My Ramen Pot, you can drop directly without breaking.

▼ This will also work with dried ramen disks.

Before throwing away your noodles, all you need to do is fill the pot with water and turn on the power, which will boil the water in about six minutes. Then add your noodles and seasonings, along with any toppings you want to spice it up with, and let the noodles cook for as long as they need..

Best of all, since it’s the size of a person, you can also eat directly from the My Ramen pot. (it’s not the “Our Ramen Pot”, is it?). You can even lower the heating intensity to keep your food warm without boiling while you eat it. And If you have leftover broth but find yourself running out of noodles, Thanko recommends adding some white rice to soak up the rest of the ramen flavors..

Upper/inner part is removable and washable

…and the whole device is compact enough for easy storage and handling.

The My Ramen Pot is available here via Thanko’s online store, priced at 7,980 yen (64 USD). Oh, and if you’re looking for a way to avoid people trying to mooch some of your ramen, we recommend using it inside Thanko’s In-Home Secret Base Tent.

Source: Thank you Going through IT media
Pictures: Thank you
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