Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida contacts COVID-19 ahead of trip to Africa — Transcontinental Times

JAPAN: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida tested positive for COVID-19 and joined the list of world leaders to contact the virus in recent times. Reports said the prime minister developed a cough and mild fever on Saturday and later took a PCR test, which came back positive.

Kishida, 65, was due to leave for an official visit to Tunisia, but the virus has now forced him to be barred from his official residence, recovering from the virus, according to details provided by his cabinet secretary. It’s worth pointing out that Kishida is double vaxxed, as well as armed with an encore, which he took earlier this month.

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According to local media, Kishida worked until August 15, carrying out his official duties before taking time off to go on vacation with his family. He was supposed to work on Monday but after the virus was detected he will now be confined to his home or allowed to work remotely.

During the Tunisian trip, Kishida was scheduled to attend the eighth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) on August 27-28.

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Like most Asian countries that have recently seen a dramatic increase in COVID cases again, Japan on Sunday recorded 24,780 cases in the capital city of Tokyo alone.

Despite the low rate of deaths or hospitalizations, the further increase in cases has convinced the government to take the appropriate and necessary measures to contain the virus and prevent its virulence before things get out of hand.

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Japan’s economy grew 2.2% in the second quarter, which was below initial forecasts.

At this time, Japan intends to keep covid rates low and the economy functioning so that the country does not get ‘shut down’.

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