Japanese potato chip maker to sell potato grow kits

Give someone a bag of chips and they can eat for a minute, but teach them how to make a bag of chips….

There has been a disturbing trend in education recently. The other day I asked my daughter, “Where do the chips come from? and she replied, “The store.”

I mean, seriously? The very idea of ​​the potato chips being made from crushed, flattened stores – which are clearly made of steel, glass, and cement – is downright laughable to academics like me, but apparently that’s what kids believe. Nowadays.

That’s why I’m happy that big snack maker Calbee has decided to raise awareness about potatoes by selling kits that make it easy for people of all ages to grow their own potatoes. Two products that work in tandem to grow potatoes were released by Calbee on Dec. 15 to home and garden retailers in Japan’s Kyushu region..

The first is Poroshiri, which is also the name of Calbee’s own variety of homemade potatoes that gives them the qualities desired to make their very popular crisps. One bag of Poroshiri contains two seed potatoes to start your garden.

Note that these are “seed potatoes” and not “potato seeds”. Potato plants produce seeds, but due to pollination their results can be unpredictable.

On the other hand, if you take a potato from a plant and plant it as a seed, then you can get a genetically identical plant which in turn will produce more potatoes with the same Calbee charm.

Seed potatoes

But to do this you will need fertile soil first, and this is where Bag of potatoes it comes. Although it looks like a big bag of Calbee chips, picking up that 10 kilogram (22 pound) bag will quickly reveal that it’s actually full of coconut peat and palm mulch.

This soil also contains fertilizer, which makes it easier to start growth inside the bag itself. The potato sack has built-in drainage holes, so you just need to cut off the top and roll up the sides. After that, just plant your seed potatoes, water as much as needed, and see the miracle of life unfold before your eyes.

Best of all, all substances used inside the potato bag are 100% plant-based, which means it can be safely disposed of in accordance with local waste collection rules and regulations. . These products are sold through the horticultural soil company Protoleaf and can potentially be found all over Japan when the appropriate season arrives.

It would definitely be a fun hobby to try and make Calbee Crisps, literally from scratch. As for me, I can finally teach my children that crisps don’t just grow on trees. The harsh truth is that they magically appear from the ground.

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Top image: Calbee
Insert images: PR Times
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