Honda evaluates Civic Type R accessories in Japan, including this wing

Honda has released pricing details for the full line of accessories for the new Civic Type R in Japan.

The parts were first unveiled in July and add some extra pizzazz to the mighty new hot hatch. While there are well over a dozen accessories available for the Civic Type R, it’s the new carbon fiber rear spoiler that’s the most eye-catching – and the most expensive – at 275,000 yen (1,959 $) for customers. This wing not only looks the part but weighs 1 kg (2.2 lbs) less than the standard wing and produces more downforce.

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The only other exterior accessory offered for the Civic Type R are the bright red door mirrors, which cost buyers 15,400 yen ($109).

A plethora of interior parts are available. These start with a set of puddle lights for 38,500 yen ($274), a carbon fiber and red polyester center console (47,300 yen – $337), carbon fiber door panels and red polyester (56,100 yen – $399), distinctive floor mats (66,000 yen). – $470), illuminated side step trims (30,800 yen – $219), illuminated center console and cupholders (22,000 yen – $156), interior door handle and door pocket illumination (14 300 yen – $101), underfoot lighting (17,600 yen – $125), a red leather shift knob (20,350 yen – $145), all-weather floor mats (13,200 yen – $94 $) and a luggage tray available for 14,300 yen ($101).

Some of the latest accessories available for the Civic Type R include a 22,000 yen ($156) wireless charger, protective films for various exterior parts, and an 11,000 yen ($78) tailgate light.

These parts are available in Japan through the Honda Access brand, but it’s unclear if any of them will be available in overseas markets. Even if they aren’t, however, you can rest assured that loads of aftermarket tuners will soon start working on the car and inevitably develop their own carbon fiber rear fenders.