GVB prepares for the Japanese market | Money

The Guam Visitors Bureau hosted three groups of ambassadors for a Japanese market familiarization tour.

“We want to thank our guests for coming to the friendliest place you could imagine and we look forward to their help in spreading the message that Guam is open,” Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio said in a statement. Press. “We also look forward to many more Japanese returning to their second homes in Guam.”

Nine ambassadors have been selected as part of GVB’s Japanese competition, #HereWeGuam, according to a GVB press release. The tour ran from February 21 through Saturday. The ambassadors were NHK Radio DJ Akiko Tomita, Miss Universe Japan personal trainer Takuya Mizukami, Miss University Aichi 2020 Kanna and sports influencer Lucas.

The group took part in various tours around the island which included water sports, hiking, culture, wellness, shopping and dining, according to the statement.

Call of Generation Z

GVB has also partnered with global brand HYPEBEAST Japan to send models and their media team to cover Guam’s appeal from the perspective of the Gen Z community.

“We are thrilled to have welcomed all of these Japanese Ambassadors and HYPEBEAST Japan to our beautiful island and encouraged them to share with their country that Guam is open and ready for them,” said GVB President and CEO, Carl TC Gutierrez, in the press release. “As we move forward with efforts to revive the tourism industry, we continue to communicate with our visitors so they can safely experience our attractions, hospitality and culture.”

More ambassadors are expected to arrive in Guam later this year.