Fujitsu and Salesforce Begin Collaboration on Healthcare Solutions for Japanese Market

The partnership focuses on the development of new digital solutions for health insurance companies

Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan have announced the start of a collaboration to create new digital solutions for the healthcare industry in the Japanese market.

Both companies will promote this initiative by leveraging Fujitsu’s expertise in reliable medical and pharmaceutical data management and IT technologies, as well as Salesforce Japan’s track record and expertise as an industry leader. customer relationship management (CRM).

As part of the first stage of their collaboration, Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan will work together to develop digital solutions for insurance companies in Japan. The two companies will cooperate with insurance companies and medical institutions to support the development of insurance products that optimize individuals’ assessment of disease risks based on data such as the possibility of diseases predicted by AI from medical and health data. Both parties are targeting commercialization of the new solutions in Japan in fiscal year 2023.

With the new solutions, Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan will support the establishment of new product models for insurance companies and promote the widespread use of personalized insurance products. The two companies thus aim to contribute to the resolution of societal and economic problems, in particular health problems linked to various diseases associated with the extension of the life expectancy of individuals, the increase in treatment costs due to healthcare advanced medical conditions and the cost of living during the retirement period.