DVIDS – News – Japan Engineer District practices being “safe” and “healthy”

CAMP ZAMA, Japan – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Japan Engineer District (JED) kicked off its annual “Safe + Sound” safety week with an awards ceremony hosted by JED Commander Col. Gary Bonham, the August 16, 2022.

“Safety is a subject near and dear to the heart of every engineer in the world. Here at JED it’s no different,” Bonham remarked. “These safety courses do more than improve your preparation and resilience with USACE – they improve your life.”

Safe + Sound Week is a national campaign created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), held each August to recognize successes in workplace health and safety programs. Agencies such as the Army Welfare Center, Fire and Emergency Services and Army Public Health Command as well as JED Security and Logistics Offices all provided information to participants.

According to OSHA’s website, “Safe + Sound” week can be used to proactively identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness, thereby improving sustainability and the results.

“The purpose of Safe and Safe Week is to reinvigorate our focus and promote safety and health throughout the year,” said Daniel Fujimoto, JED’s Chief Occupational Safety and Health Officer. “Events are also a great way for our leaders to engage with their employees for risk/hazard identification and accident prevention – ‘Safe + Sound’ week helps instill the mindset that safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Some of the events scheduled for the week were a nutrition and stress management seminar, a fire safety briefing and a Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP) exercise, among others.

Hazel Oira, District Administrative Support Assistant, took the opportunity to attend one of the information sessions.

“The nutrition brief talked a lot about portion sizes and nutritional content of foods, and the information was very interesting,” Hazel said. “With nutrition, there are many variables for each person, so the information given was very general, but if I want more specific advice for setting personal goals, etc., [I learned] the army wellness center can run tests and help me develop plans that better suit my personal goals. »

While the district is no stranger to safety, this iteration of “Safe and Sound” week marks the first time since the start of COVID-19 that procedures have returned closer to “normal” where attendees have been able attend in person.

“Before COVID-19, JED had amazing safe and healthy weeks, but at the height of the pandemic, things went virtual and presenting via Power Point became the norm,” Bonham said. “Either way, security is still important no matter what medium you use to promote it.”

Although the pace of the “Safe + Sound” week is slightly slower compared to its peak at JED, participants were able to learn valuable information that they can take back to their work centers and homes for practical use. .

“Overall I think it was a great briefing and I really enjoyed the information,” said Angela Payne, a district account, who attended the fire prevention portion of Safe + Sound Week, noting a few important points to remember.

“I already know that I have things too close to my furnace and hot water tank, so [thanks to the briefing] I will prioritize [in reorganizing my home for optimal safety.]

Colonel Bonham made sure to emphasize the importance of proper security practices and how they affect everyone involved.

“It’s your hard work that keeps us safe and sound,” he said.

Japan Engineer District participates in the “Safe + Sound” week from August 15th to 21st.

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