COVID-19 bed availability details disclosed

Japan’s health ministry has started disclosing more information on the number of hospital beds available for coronavirus patients, in order to achieve optimal occupancy rates.

The move was taken after it became apparent that the average occupancy rate of hospital beds reserved for COVID-19 patients was 68% in September, when the pandemic was at its peak in Japan.

Medical institutions at the time reported that they had collectively secured more than 39,000 beds for coronavirus patients. But many beds have gone unused, due to shortages of medical staff and other factors.

The Department of Health published on its website the number of secure beds in about 2,300 medical facilities across the country as of December 1.

The ministry said it would also disclose the number of inpatients and beds available at each facility. The data will be available by the end of the year.

The ministry announced its intention to include information on the reasons for the low occupancy rates. He also says he intends to update the data on a monthly basis.

The ministry said it wants the occupancy rate to be 80% or more if another wave of infections occurs.

Ministry officials say it is important to disclose information about the availability of hospital beds, in order to gain public understanding.