Cactus Plant Flea Market Japan Made Season 6 Collection

Cactus Plant Flea Market has some exciting initiatives in the works, such as its one-of-a-kind residency at the upcoming Coachella Music Festival, as well as a special collaboration with Dunk Low, but before blessing its fans with these, the brand officially dropped its “Japan Made” Season 6 collection. The capsule features playful patterns and bright colors to reflect the essence of the spring-summer season.

WWCD denim jackets and plaid zip-up work jackets lead the way in the outerwear department. checkered exteriors and solar graphics. Other tops include the bold yellow hoodie that features “Sunseeker” across the chest as well as the Hawaiian shirt featuring rainbows, purple hearts, weeds and more. Elsewhere in the range you’ll find a pair of Carpenter tie-dye denim trousers, forest green boxers, CPFM branded socks, flash bandanas and a tartan covered side bag.

Check out the collection above and note that it’s available now through the HUMAN MADE online store.

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