Biden meets with PMs from Japan, India and Australia | News

US President Joe Biden opened his last day in Asia on Tuesday by meeting with a trio of Indo-Pacific leaders, including Australia’s new Prime Minister on his first full day on the job and India’s Narendra Modi, with whom differences persist on how to react. to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Biden, Modi and Japan’s Fumio Kishida kicked off the Quad Summit by welcoming Australian Anthony Albanese to the club and expressing admiration at his determination to join the informal security coalition by rushing to Tokyo immediately after being sworn in on Monday. “I don’t know how you do it,” Biden told Albanese. The US president joked that it would be nice if the new prime minister fell asleep during the meeting. Getting serious, Biden said the leaders were “navigating through a dark hour in our shared history” because of Russia’s war on Ukraine. He added that it was “more than a European problem, it is a global problem”. Kishida, too, took note of Russia’s aggression and added, “We cannot let the same thing happen in the Indo-Pacific region.” Modi, whose response to the situation in Ukraine disappointed Washington, did not address the issue in his public remarks at the start of the summit.