An urban-airport enters the Japanese market

Akihabara News (Tokyo) – UK-based vertiport developer Urban-Air Port has entered the Japanese market, forming a partnership with Tokyo-based technology company Blue Innovation.

Urban-Air Port has made industry headlines in recent weeks for displaying its prototype vertiport at a venue in downtown Coventry, England, raising awareness of the imminent arrival of the eVTOL era. .

Urban-Air Port’s chief financial officer, Adrian Zanelli, says his company “sees Japan as a very important market.”

To this end, Urban-Air Port will offer its vertiport design as a basis for testing Blue Innovation’s Blue Earth Platform Port vertiport information system.

It is an integrated system that aims to track the operational status of the port, eVTOL flights, unexpected intrusions, wind direction and speed, and essentially confirm the general conditions that will allow eVTOLs to take off and to land safely.

Zanelli says, “Together with Blue Innovation in Japan, we will continue to develop and create the best-in-class platform and technologies.

Without providing details, the partners also said they plan to conduct demonstrations of their vertiport systems in Japan.

Blue Innovation has been working on related technologies in collaboration with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the University of Tokyo since 2016.

Another UK-based vertiport company, Skyports, has also expanded its partnerships in Japan, and it looks like competition is already heating up years ahead of the planned launch of eVTOL taxi services, which may not start in earnest anytime soon. 2025.

Domestic companies are also known to be investigating the planned market entry of vertiports in Japan.

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