9 Negrense Scholars Graduate from High School in Japan

NIGS. Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson with Negrense scholars who recently graduated from Miyakonojo Higashi High School in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. (Capitol Photo)

NINE Negrense High School students were among 170 students graduating from Miyakonojo Higashi High School (MHHS) in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan on Saturday, February 19, 2022.

They are Reneleen Apatan from Silay City, Faustinne Mar Bulanon from Talisay City, Mark Amiel Doriman from Hinigaran, Zion Orven Gallo from Victorias City, Helena Grace Gasataya from Sagay City, Hans Philippe Gubaton from La Castellana, Trisha Mae Lucio from San Carlos City, Curly Joyce Palacios of Sagay City and Lorraine Tudillo of Binalbagan.

These students are the second group of MHHS scholars who have received scholarships to study general health and automotive in Japan.

Lucio and Tudillo both obtained the Eiken First Grade and the award for perfect attendance for three years.

Doriman and Gallo also got perfect assist for three years.

Palacios and Apatan got the good attendance award, while Bulanon and Gubaton got the perfect attendance award for a year.

Gasataya, Palacios, and Tudillo were active members of the school’s Brass Band Club as flautist, horn, and clarinetist, respectively.

Bulanon was a student council member at the school, Gubaton.

Gallo and Doriman have certificates in gas and arc welding, others are engaged in sports and extracurricular activities.

After three years in Japan, most of them have passed Nihonggo skill levels 2 and 3.

Those who passed the second most difficult Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or N2 were Lucio, Bulanon, Palacios and Tudillo while Gallo and Doriman passed the third most difficult JLPT or N3.

These students went to Japan in 2019 as Negros Occidental Provincial Government Scholarship Holders to continue their high school education under a matching program with MHHS.

The provincial government provided financial support for other student expenses, while the school paid for tuition, full accommodation for three years, and provided security for scholarship recipients.

Seven students will stay in Japan to pursue graduate studies and professional courses.

These students will continue their journey to Japan to fulfill their dreams of a better future.

Lucio was awarded a 100% tuition fee scholarship at Asia-Pacific University (APU) in Oita, Japan. She will undertake Asia-Pacific studies and work part-time within the school.

Bulanon, who passed the entrance exam for the University of Tsuru in Yamanashi Prefecture, will take up English literature and also work part-time to support himself.

Tudillo, Gasataya, Palacios, Apatan and Doriman will study for two years at the Houshin School of Healthcare and have chosen to pursue a National Caregiver License in Japan.

They will also work part-time to support themselves.

Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson expressed his gratitude to MHHS President Brian Wee and the entire Shimizu family for continuing the partnership to maintain and for taking good care of Negrense scholars in Japan over the past three years.

“This collaboration is proof that international cooperation can be successful and is the surest way to help young people realize their dreams,” he said.

The Governor congratulated the Fellows on a job well done as he hopes they will pursue the paths they have chosen with vigor, determination and faith.

Lacson is set to provide educational assistance to scholars through their parents next month to pay for their other expenses as they begin a new life as students in Japan.

This scholarship category is just one of 18 categories managed by the Negros Occidental Scholarship Program Division under the Office of the Governor. (RP)